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Council plans to increase investment

Council plans to increase investment

Published at 2:15pm 13th January 2016.

Ripon City Council has agreed a budget which it says will see a "significant" increase in the money available for grants and to help deliver improvements.

It follows concerns about a rising demand from organisations seeking financial support for projects and worthy causes.

The budget from April includes £12,000 for a small grant scheme and £15,000 for working with partnership organisations to deliver local services.

Another £15,000 will go into a strategic investment fund.

The increase in budget will be more than £57,000 and funded by an increase of less than 22p per week in the precept on a Band D property.

Councillor Pauline McHardy, Mayor of Ripon, said: "This has been a very difficult decision and I know that all Councillors feel uncomfortable about this increase when residents face other rising costs.

"However, one of the roles of the Council is to work with other organisations that are trying to do good things for this city and we simply have not been able to financially support them over the last few years.

"With this in mind, this budget sees a small increase in the precept each month, but makes a significant difference to the amount of money that we, as the City Council, can invest in Ripon to make it a better place for our residents."

Councillor Peter Pearson, Chair of the Finance and General Purposes Committee, added: "We have all volunteered to serve as Councillors because we want to see the city improve and make it better for our residents.

"Sometimes this means making very difficult decisions, but we need to ensure that we can invest in the future of our city.

"This budget will enable us to use our money to attract resources from grants and other organisations to deliver projects and services that will meet our, and our residents', aspirations."

Ripon City Council will formally notify Harrogate Borough Council of its precept request for £230,854 which will be included on council tax bills issued in March.