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WATCH: Why Ilkley business is defying A-board ban

WATCH: Why Ilkley business is defying A-board ban

Published at 6:34am 25th October 2016. (Updated at 3:32pm 25th October 2016)

The ban has been in place for nearly 10 months, but some businesses in Ilkley are still refusing to move their A-boards. 

It means businesses who are still displaying signs, like Steve Tennant from Ashworth & Tennant Jewellers, face having their A-boards confiscated and a £200 fine.

Bradford Council launched a year-long trial in January, making 'street clutter' illegal, after concerns it wasn't safe for the visually impaired.

Speaking when the trial was proposed, Bradford Council said it was "trying to strike a balance" between creating "a safe environment for people with limited vision or mobility, and businesses wanting to advertise their services". 

The ban has proved unpopular with a number of businesses, who warned before the ban came into force that it would threaten their future. 

Steve, whose jewellers is on South Hawksworth Street, has told Stray FM he's keeping his A-board in place for safety reasons: 


a board

A Bradford Council spokesperson said: "The trial ban of advertising boards in Ilkley and other areas was in response to complaints from visually impaired pedestrians.

"The trial is due to end in December when we will consider how to proceed based on feedback from users and businesses.

"Because the trial is continuing, any advertising boards found to be contravening the ban will be dealt with consistently and fairly. Irrespective of the advertising board ban, parking on pavements presents similar dangers for pedestrians and if delivery drivers for these shops are parking on pavements and double yellow lines, we would encourage people to report this."