Councillor says MP's airport parkway claims are "same old nonsense"

Councillor says MP's airport parkway claims are "same old nonsense"

Published at 4:55pm 12th April 2017.

Plans for a parkway station at Leeds Bradford Airport are being described as "flawed and half-baked".

Otley's MP, Greg Mulholland, says that Leeds City Council's proposals lack basic elements such as traffic studies and how much space would be needed.

He asked the authority to answer questions about the plans, including the potential cost of the project and the timescale.

Mr Mulholland said: "They don't know if compulsory purchase orders will be required or even if any existing buildings will need to be demolished. No assessment has been done of potential traffic flows and there is no proper understanding of how traffic will access the new station.

"The truth of course is that the huge footprint of a station, park and ride and road link will destroy farmland and will cause rush hour traffic havoc, as well as preventing Leeds Bradford Airport ever getting the proper rail link it needs.

"So, it is time that Leeds City Council started being honest about this half-baked, unambitious yet destructive idea and it is time it was stopped in it tracks. We need and deserve a rail link and with the short distance from the line to Leeds Bradford Airport, where there is land available for a station, so this must progressed instead and the money spent transforming transport, not holding Leeds back."

In response to Mr Mulholland's claims, Councillor Richard Lewis, Executive Member for Regeneration, Transport and Planning, said: "This is the same old nonsense from Mr Mulholland. He's taken the cake out of the oven, thrown the contents around and then claimed it was half-baked!

"Like the letter to him very clearly states, we have done the work necessary to make a submission to Government for the funds they have promised us. We're waiting to hear back from the Department for Transport, and once we have, we will move ahead with these plans - including the detailed work Mr Mulholland is clearly so desperate that we complete.

"But let's get back to the key point - Mr Mulholland wants practically every last penny of public transport improvements to be spent building a rail line to the airport. This isn't reasonable for the bus users who need infrastructure investment to bring their services up to scratch or rail users who would benefit from a nearby station, now is it?"