A Lawyer That Doesn't Want To Go To Court

A Lawyer That Doesn't Want To Go To Court

Published at 2:47pm 22nd May 2017. (Updated at 2:48pm 22nd May 2017)

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Court proceedings make good telly. The uncertainty. The pomp and ceremony. The dramatic pauses.

But if you run a business, would you really want a decision making in a court room which could result in huge costs, changes in trading, or even the end of your business?

"Let's decide whether or not Amazon pay tax in the UK with a cage fight between HMRC and Amazon... It. Doesn't. Work."

Dominic Hirst

That is exactly why specialist litigation lawyer,Dominic Hirst, feels that going to court with a business he's representing is a type of failure.


 the process of taking legal action.
"the company wishes to avoid litigation"


There are a number of other options to avoid court, which mostly involve talking. Listen to the solicitor's point of view, as Dominic explains what he'll expect a client to do before making the decision to go to court: