How To Make Your Advertising Stand Out

How To Make Your Advertising Stand Out

Published at 9:14am 25th September 2017. (Updated at 9:16am 25th September 2017)

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Advertising is vital in order to create and develop a successful business. And from lawyers to shop owners, plumbers to nurseries, gardeners to restaurants... we all need it to succeed! But some advertising is more effective than others...
Knaresborough Now has the ability to put your business in front of thousands and thousands of potential local customers, and they want you to get it right!
So we got some top tips on making your Knaresborough Now advert more effective...


Don't be afraid of white space.

Keep it simple, clean and avoid clutter. More information does not correlate to more sales. 

Consider the layout of your contact details. 

Well placed gaps makes information much easier to digest. Which of the following is easier to read...

01423228500 or 01423 228 500 ?

Consistent logos

Or at least a colour scheme to create a brand awareness. 

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Business Hub talked to Rachel Porter from Knaresborough Now and Wetherby Now on how to create a more effective print advert.