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These Were the Most Searched for Things on Google in 2017

These Were the Most Searched for Things on Google in 2017

Published at 3:01pm 18th December 2017.

There are many ways to measure a year, but nobody keeps track like Google. They've let us in on all the things we searched for most this year in the UK, offering some insight into the people, events, and even recipes that defined 2017. 

UK Top Trending Queries

2017 was a year marked by great tragedy, with Hurricane Irma, the Manchester bombing, and Grenfell Tower all making the top 10. Tech titans Apple broke the list twice, with their flagship models iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Top spot on the list is, perhaps unsurprisingly, Meghan Markle, whose engagement to Prince Harry drew international attention, and claimed number 1 search just weeks before the end of the year.

UK Top Trending ‘How To’ Queries

Many people turn to Google for answers to those burning questions in life. In 2017, the digital currency Bitcoin drew attention, making the list twice as people tried to find out how to buy it, and how to 'mine' it (the method by which new Bitcoin is put into circulation). Most notably, the 7th most popular search was how to make Yorkshire Pudding, proving once and for all that people all over the UK want a taste of Yorkshire at home. Number one 'How to' was for 'how to make slime?', which peaked for searches at the end of July - perhaps as parents were trying to entertain the kids over the summer holidays?


UK Top Trending ‘What Is’ Queries

If you're not on Google trying to discover how to do something, you might be there looking for a little clarity on what exactly the buzzwords of 2017 meant. The snap election stirred curiosity, with the top two 'what is...?' searches relating directly to the surprise news. Perhaps the strangest search was 'What is the Antikythera mechanism', but a quick Google reveals that it was probably the eclipse that sparked interest in this ancient Greek analogue computer used for calculating astrological events. 

You can see more of the Top 10 lists Google compiled here.

Beth Parsons spoke with Hannah Glenny, Trends Expert at Google about some of the years top searches:

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