The 3 things that landlords have to fear most

The 3 things that landlords have to fear most

Published at 3:42pm 29th January 2018.

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If you're a landlord, or if you're considering investing in a second property to let out, there are three big issues you might face that could disrupt your business. 

The first is not getting paid by tenants. While there are various routes you can take in this situation, the longer you are left unpaid the more stressful the situation becomes for you. Spending time chasing payment is time taken away from doing other things - and if you've become a landlord in retirement, time away from enjoying your well earned free time. 

The second issue is when a property is left in a worse state than anticipated. Lengthy disputes over deposit deductions can create unnecessary stress, and landlords need to be confident that they're handling deposit disputes appropriately. 

Finally, possibly the most dreaded situation for a landlord is a vacant property. A vacant property means absolutely no income, and can be a real burden for a property owner who invested significantly expecting a return. 

Normally, housing consistently offers a good return as an investment. To maximise the return on investment made in property, an experienced letting agency can take away your stress by handling any disputes, staying aware of changes to legislation, making sure your property is well priced, and finding the right tenants.

If you're interested in perhaps becoming a landlord, or want to find out more about the role of letting agencies in managing a property you already own, head along to the Banyan in Ilkley on 8th February 6-8pm, where lettings agency Angus Roberts will be hosting an evening event to answer your questions. 

You can hear what David from Angus Roberts Letting Agency had to say about the three issues landlords face and the solutions here:

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