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Want to create more word-of-mouth business?

Want to create more word-of-mouth business?

Published at 4:27pm 26th February 2018.

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Stuart Wright Action Coach

Most business owners will agree that the most profitable way to grow your business is by getting leads through word-of-mouth and Stuart Wright Action Coach has been chatting to Stray FM about the importance of building strategic business alliances.

What do you mean by "strategic business alliances?"

Stuart Wright defines a strategic business alliance as "somebody who is working with someone in your target market.  In other words, they're seeing your potential customer or client on a regular basis but they're non-competing businesses."  A great example of this would be if you had an electrical contractor in to do some work and you also needed a plumber, or a joiner.  If you're recommended a business or service via someone who is already doing a great job, there's a far greater chance of you hiring the person or company who comes recommended rather than perhaps merely relying on  internet reviews.



Build a Team!

Stuart's recommendation is to start building a team of strategic alliances around you because if you have several businesses on your side, promoting your work as they carry out theirs, before you know it, your customer base will be on the rise and you'll build a profitable lead generation strategy.

Off the back of this, begin to build a formal relationship where you meet regularly because being at the forefront of someone's mind can only lead to a positive outcome for your business as they begin to notice more opportunities to refer you.

Business Meeting

Profit Club

Stuart meets every other Tuesday at the Cairn Hotel in Harrogate with a group of business owners in order to share the best strategies for marketing and sales that are working for individuals. Businesses have begun to share client lists too and also work together on actively finding new leads for each other which is proving very profitable and as an added bonus, the meetings take place over breakfast!

Contact Stuart Wright Action Coach for more and hear the full conversation with Stray FM's Pete Egerton below.

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