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Child's drawing helps resolve divorcing couple disputes

Child's drawing helps resolve divorcing couple disputes

Published at 11:41am 25th September 2018. (Updated at 5:32pm 25th September 2018)

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Mediation is an increasingly popular method of settling differences during a family separation and local solicitors have been explaining how children can get involved too.

Local Harrogate based Berwins' solicitors have been discussing the power of mediation for couples or families going through separation. 

Whether it involves only the couple individually, children or more extended members of the family, mediation sessions with qualified professionals can play a big part in resolving differences or coming to an agreement without the need to go to court. 

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Discussing divorce and the arrangements with children can be difficult, but as qualified family mediator and Managing Director from Berwins' Solicitors Sarah Smith explained to Stray FM it can shed light on the situation from a child point of view. 

"Paper I find probably the most effective thing. I think what children draw expresses a lot of what they feel... one particular girl who sticks in my mind who drew the motorway services where her parents handed her over. She drew the car park where the two cars were and how much she hated it and that picture I can still see it because it really spoke. And it helped them [her parents] understand where she was coming from."

Sarah Smith, Managing Director from Berwins Solicitors

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Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Family Show talked to Sarah Smith from Berwins' Solicitors about mediation:
Sarah Smith from Berwins' Solicitors

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