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What's a fair money split after divorce?

What's a fair money split after divorce?

Published at 3:24pm 17th October 2018. (Updated at 3:47pm 17th October 2018)

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Following a divorce, how should the finances be split between spouses? Harrogate family lawyer has advice. 

Do you think you're going to receive your fair share?

Will your family be able to maintain a good standard of living?

Could your partner be lying about their finances?

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What is a financial settlement?

"A financial settlement in the context of a divorce is a document that's agreed between a married party that deals with the division of matrimonial assets, income and liabilities. You would usually look to agree the terms of a divorce financial settlement before the granting of a divorce."

Ehsan Kabir, Family Lawyer from No 1 Solicitors

Whilst it is possible to decide your own terms and conditions for a financial settlement without the help of a lawyer, there are complications and a number of factors that should be considered. 

These factors could include stability for children and hidden financial assets that one party may not know about.

The family law team at No 1 Solicitors in Harrogate regularly help divorce disputes such as financial settlements and are available for free 15 minutes phone consultations to discuss your situation. 

Ehsan Kabir from No 1 Solicitors in Harrogate talked to Beth Parsons on Stray FM's Family Show about financial settlements after divorce:

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