Local financial planner: how to lead happy meaningful lives

Local financial planner: how to lead happy meaningful lives

Published at 1:48pm 29th January 2019. (Updated at 5:11pm 29th January 2019)

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A Harrogate lifestyle and financial planner is encouraging local residents to look forward to their future, rather than just looking after their money. 

Have you got a plan for the future?

Personal financial planners, bdb Financial, have learnt that planning your future is about much more than just how much money you've got in the pot.

Rather than 'HOW MUCH money do you want to accumulate', a more interesting question is 'what do you WANT to do with your time'?

Along with their customers, bdb Financial are urging people in the local area to approach lifestyle planning for the future with a fresh thought process. 

Could it be your time to take a seat for a conversation about bringing your wealth to life?

BDB Financial office space
bdb are available to talk you through what great financial planning could mean for you and your family.

What do customers of bdb Financial say?

"A lot of the things we'd planned were way in the future, but actually none of us know what's going to happen in the future, so why plan for ten years down the line?"

"If we hadn't worked with bdb, we might have got to the same answers, but it would've been a lot later in our lives, and we might not have got there."

Neil and Alison

 "The way they changed me, was not thinking about money anymore.

"Instead of NOT having time together, we've got endless time together in the sunshine, which has always been my dream really."


"I didn't have enough time for the children, I didn't have enough time for friends, I was just always at work. And I remember sitting outside with my husband and saying 'why are we putting ourselves through this, this is so hard'.

"Just over two years ago, I stopped work, I had a career break to be a full time Mum, and just had the most amazing time doing voluntary work with the school and church and helping out in the community."

"I'd strongly recommend anyone to come and give it a go."


What is bdb Financial in Harrogate?

Set up in 2006, bdb Financial begun helping people to look after their finances and securing their futures. 

But as time went on, the team realised that whilst protecting your money and ensuring you have enough is important, actually leading happy, meaningful lives with that money is more important. 

bdb Financial is based on Hornbeam Park in Harrogate.

Andrew Brook-Dobson from BDB Financial
Andrew Brook-Dobson, Managing Director of bdb Financial

As the Managing Director of bdb Financial, Andrew Brook-Dobson explains:

"What we've discovered over the years, is that the money really isn't interesting or important, it's just that it allows us to do interesting or important things.

"I've always described financial planning as a process of getting the balance right between living for today and living for the future."

Couple on a yacht at sea
What good is money, if you're not using it to live a happy and meaningful life?

Ben Groom from Stray FM's Family Show talked to Andrew Brook-Dobson from bdb Financial:

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