LISTEN: Stray FM team to Pedal for Parkinson's

LISTEN: Stray FM team to Pedal for Parkinson's

Published at 4:13pm 1st July 2017. (Updated at 4:15pm 1st July 2017)

Some of the Stray FM team are getting on their bikes and taking part in this year's Pedal for Parkinson's.

Along with other fundraisers, they will set off from Ripley Castle and head into the Dales.

The longer routes include a tough climb up Côte de Lofthouse, which featured in the Tour de Yorkshire.

To make it even more of a challenge, Stray FM daytime presenter Christopher Dean has decided to ride the longest route twice.

Yes, you did read that right.

He said: "I love a team event and a big occasion, so when I got asked to be involved, it was obvious! 

"Every now and again, I do like a challenge, but in an on-air chat with Beth Parsons, I implied that 60 wasn't tough enough for me. The challenge of doing it twice got suggested if I was 'so confident about 60 miles being easy' and I couldn't back down.

"Great publicity for the event and the cause it's pushing!"

Other fundraisers will walk through the grounds of Ripley Castle.

Chrissie Fielden, Regional Fundraiser for Parkinson's UK, said: "Many people with Parkinson's are determined to live a full and active life, but the impact of this diagnosis is undeniably life-changing.

"The main treatment people rely on was discovered in the 1960s and doesn't work for everyone, doesn't stop the progression of Parkinson's, only masks the symptoms and can have unwanted side effects.

"People with Parkinson's need new treatments, the science is ready and we have the expertise and we are striving to find better treatments in years rather than decades. Walk or pedal with us at Ripley Castle and help us make this a reality."

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