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Felix takes to the skies

Felix takes to the skies

Published at 8:01am 19th August 2017.

A Family from Harrogate have successfully raised over £10,000 to take their son to Canada for life-changing treatment.

Felix Williams is 5 years old, and has an diagnosed neurological condition which means he is non-mobile.

It has affected his ability to walk as well as to sit independently.

He also has hypertonia, developmental delay, dystonia, hypermobility, epilepsy, dysarthria, cerebral visual impairment and damage within his brain, not caused by any problems at birth.

Doctors to this day still don't know what's wrong with Felix.

His MRI scan does show that Felix's condition is progressive. 

There is a pioneering rehabilitation centre in Toronto, Canada, which will hopefully help Felix gain movement.

Felix and his Mum - Sarah Williams - will spend the next 5 weeks in Canada at the centre everyday in the hope that experts can help get Felix moving.


Sarah and Felix are together on the left

The long wait is over as the pair fly out today to start the desired journey.

Sarah explains what the trip entails: "Felix and I are going to Canada, he will have four hours a day of intensive physiotherapy and an hour and a half of massage therapy.

"It's called the Life Programme and it's about teaching children with varying disabilities independence and how to do things for themselves.

"So things we take for granted like getting out of a chair or rolling, there's a certain mechanical process that we do automatically that we just learn, and Felix doesn't have that.

"There's several UK families who we have been in contact with - some are on their tenth visit to the centre.

"Felix is absolutely amazing, he's probably the happiest person you will ever meet - his laugh is completely infectious!


"I just think how lovely it is that he's like that despite all his medical conditions - he's cheeky and knows how to boss his sisters around.

"He just has a smile that can light up a room."

The family have worked extremely hard with their fundraising.

Click here for more information on what they've been up to over the past couple months.