Harrogate man raises awareness for ovarian cancer

Harrogate man raises awareness for ovarian cancer

Published at 6:02am 7th September 2017. (Updated at 7:18am 7th September 2017)

A group from Harrogate are travelling from France to Barcelona in aid of Ovarian Cancer.

They'll be driving over 1000 miles in a £350 2002 Volvo estate.

They're known as Kim's Christmas Crackers team.

Kim was diagnosed with ovarian cancer whilst on holiday with her family.

She is a big lover of Christmas, and didn't think she would make it to see another festive season at one point.

David Rance is one of the members in the group completing the road trip.

He'll be driving the car which will be decorated like a Christmas present, whilst dressed as Santa.


They'll travel through Southern France on day 1, climb the snow-capped Pyrenees on day 2, and arrive in Barcelona on day 3, whilst taking on the Le Mans course too.

He wants to raise the important awareness of the silent disease: "I have been surprised with how few women are aware of the cancer, they know about it but don't know anything about it.

"The charity is mainly concerned about raising awareness.

"Hopefully they'll be able to find some sort of scanning equipment, because it's one of, if not, the worst gynecological disease.

"You should watch out for persistent bloating and stomach pain, needing to go to the toilet more frequently and difficulty eating and feeling full quickly.

"A smear test does not test for ovarian cancer.

"To all the ladies out there, go to the Ovarian Cancer Action website to find out more information."