Dementia Forward represent in yellow and green

Dementia Forward represent in yellow and green

Published at 6:01am 21st September 2017.

North Yorkshire's Dementia Forward are launching a new idea in aid of World Alzheimer's Day today.

They're going to wear their company colours yellow and green.

The idea is so they can be easily recognised and visibly show support.

They also hope their choice of wacky wear will spark conversations which will lead to sharing and raising awareness.

CEO Jill Quinn wants it to become an annual tradition: "Instead of doing a dress down day at work or at school, we're doing wear yellow and green.

"It'll be very vibrant and if it could be slightly wacky it can be a conversation starter.

"We've got people who are wearing yellow and green nail varnish and a yellow bow in their hair.

"I think it will lift the occasion and a sense of that we're all in it together."