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What REALLY happens at a Yorkshire office Christmas party?

What REALLY happens at a Yorkshire office Christmas party?

Published at 6:02am 1st December 2017. (Updated at 6:04pm 2nd December 2017)

A recent survey reveals who the rowdiest and wildest departments are at the office Christmas party and top tips to give yourself before yours.

UK online printer, instantprint, recently conducted research in which 2,000 office workers were surveyed, asking a range of questions around what happens at their office Christmas party and awkward encounters they’ve experienced.

The survey revealed that overall the Marketing and Sales department are the rowdiest or cause the most trouble at the Christmas party.

According to the results, office workers in the North East are the region which party the hardest.

But, they’re not the only area full of regrets the day after, apparently Yorkshire and the Humber must not to be trusted, as their biggest regret is sharing co-worker’s secrets.

Map of regrets - instant print

From the survey, the top ten tips which office workers give themselves before the Christmas party are:

  1. Have a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks.
  2. Don’t tell colleagues what you really think of them.
  3. Make sure you eat dinner beforehand.
  4. Book the next day off.
  5. Avoid deep conversations with the boss.
  6. Avoid the office creep.
  7. Dress appropriately – don’t wear too short a dress/don’t unbutton down shirt.
  8. Shots after 11pm are not a good idea.
  9. Give yourself a curfew.
  10. Just don’t go. 

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