Mumblers vs. Bolton Abbey

Mumblers vs. Bolton Abbey

Published at 10:26am 8th December 2017.

Finally got time for a Christmas day out? No one wants to waste their time or money, so Stray FM has found some Mumblers to do some research for us. Today the Wharfedale Mumbler explores Bolton Abbey.

What is a Mumbler? Simple! Dedicated Mum's who research the best things to get up to in your local area for families and kids, so that when it's time to put the shoes on, pack the bags and head out for some fun, you have the very best advice on what's worth your time.... and pennies!

At Christmas time, Bolton Abbey opens it's gates to kids, parents, grandparents and much more to discover more about the priory ruins, hop across stepping stones, marvel at the money tree and see the ever changing plants and animals living there. But at Christmas time, Bolton Abbey helps families celebrate by opening the Christmas Countdown which takes you on a woodland trail solving festive clues as you go. Alongside wreath making, singing elves and Father Christmas, could this be a good option for December?

Find out what happened when Sarah the Wharfedale Mumbler took her mini-mumblers to Bolton Abbey for the Christmas Countdown. 

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