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Top 5 Nostalgic Christmas Toys Of The 1970s

Top 5 Nostalgic Christmas Toys Of The 1970s

Published at 12:54pm 5th December 2018.

Just three weeks until the big day... Take a trip down memory lane to a more innocent, carefree time and see if you remember any of these retro throwbacks!


We've also included equivalents you can buy in 2018 if you want to take your nostalgia to the next level...


1. Nerf Ball

A ball indoors? Surely not? Mum would go mad! Not with the Nerf Ball she won’t! This soft, spongy ball provided hours of fun, - without getting grounded or having clear up the mess afterwards! Being the world’s first indoor football, this was a truly revolutionary gift which allowed kids all over the globe to break the rule of “no football in the house”!

2018 gift equivalent: Nerf Vortex Aero Howler Flying American Rugby Football.

2. Hungry Hippos

A game that could completely divide a family and lead to repetitive strain injuries in the most dedicated players. The aim of the game was to gobble up as many marbles as you can with your colourful hippo, however sneaky tilting of the table or board gave cheaters an unfair advantage. The only way to restore law and order was disqualification, which became a common reason for a Christmas Day sulk.

2018 gift equivalent: Hungry Frogs.

3. Magna Doodle

The starting point for many of the UK’s greatest graphic designers and artists today: the humble Magna Doodle. Draw pictures or write messages as many times as you like, and erase without a trace in seconds. How Van Gough managed without one of these is simply a miracle.

2018 gift equivalent: TOMY Megasketcher

4. Shrinky Dinks

Simply trace your design, colour it in, cut it out, and pop it in the oven. Voilà. How these sheets of badly coloured paper magically morphed into cool plastic keyrings blew our minds! The possibilities were utterly endless. Did anyone else start their own business empire at school making and selling these?

2018 gift equivalent: Shrinkles.

5. Stretch Armstrong

An absolutely iconic gift. Stretch Armstrong provided you with hours of fun, not to mention some nasty smashed heads after letting him go and catapulting yourself into the coffee table. What was  that squishy mystery material inside of him?

2018 gift equivalent: Stretch Scooby.


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