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VIDEO: Skipton kids dig into past

VIDEO: Skipton kids dig into past

Published at 6:46am 9th August 2016. (Updated at 11:12am 9th August 2016)

A group of Skipton students have been spending part of their summer holidays becoming archaeologists. 

It's part of a project to excavate the site of a former World War One prisoner of war camp. 

Much of the site has been built on over the years, but a field at the top of Raikeswood Drive has been identified as a potential area of interest.

Raikeswood Camp was used as a training camp for the Bradford Pals, before becoming a prisoner of war camp for German officers in 1918. 

The dig, which received support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, has involved a number of schools, archeological experts and scholars from the University of Leeds.

Assistant Head at Upper Wharfedale School, John Mitton, has been leading the project: 


Language students from the University of Leeds are currently translating a diary made by German officers at the time. 

Anne Buckley, from the University of Leeds, says it provides a vital insight into the layout of the camp and the officers' daily lives: 


The team have uncovered a number of artefacts during the project, and hope to return to the site in the near future to continue their work. 

The students' finds include a silver fork, whistle and ammunition pouch belt clasp: 



belt clasp


A map shows the layout of the Raikeswood POW camp: