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New education programme combines dance with Disney

New education programme combines dance with Disney

Published at 11:54am 13th September 2017.

A new education programme combining dance and Disney is coming to Yorkshire.

The Fit To Dance programme will allow children to create their own stories, which they can then perform together in a dance routine.

It's after Public Health England figures revealed one in five kids are overweight or obese when they start primary school.

Further to this, that figure is said to increase to over a third when they leave primary.

The survey also said that almost 80% of kids aged five to eleven feel happier when being active.

The programme is set to help the kids both physically and mentally.

It inspires children to use their imagination in a fun, active way.

Kids are encouraged to create their own choreography and dance sequences and draw on all of their favourite movies for ideas; The Lion King, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid and Frozen.

Ashley Banjo - star of Diversity - has teamed up with Disney on Ice to develop the programme of dance workshops to be introduced into the school curriculum at schools across the country.

They want to get kids moving.

Ashley spoke to us at Stray FM: "It's an initiative that Disney On Ice has started, and essentially it's trying to get kids up and active and dancing.

"Kids get to take the classic Disney songs and narratives, and then create their own, and create dances around the stories - and in costumes if they want.

"A lot of kids get stimulation from sitting still now, we're going into the kind of era that's all virtual reality, everything is at a flick of a button or switch. There is something about engaging - especially in dance - you're engaging physically, mentally and you're socialising.

"Dance has changed my life and the rest of Diversity's lives, and I think with problems we've got nowadays like childhood obesity, I think it's a really great way to tackle those issues.

"It's just a really fun way to get kids up and not just sitting on the sofa."