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Considering a career as solicitor?

Considering a career as solicitor?

Published at 11:54am 17th July 2018. (Updated at 12:38pm 17th July 2018)

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Local students from Harrogate take part in a future careers Q&A session with lawyer from Newtons Solicitors. 

Deciding what you want to do as a career is no easy decision, but when a group of students got the opportunity to get some advice recently from someone in the know, they got a serious head start on the decision making. 

Q&A session with school students and Newtons Solicitors

Year 10 students Dot and Oliver from St Aidan's Secondary School and year 12 students Kate and Jackie from St Aidan's and St John Fishers Associated Sixth Form took part in a question and answer session recently with local lawyers Newtons Solicitors

This allowed them the rare opportunity to get some detailed information on what being a lawyer is like and importantly how to get there!

Harrogate students prepare law career questions 

  • What A-Levels did you take?
  • Would you recommend a conversion course at university?
  • What was it like studying law at university?
  • How hard was it to find employment?
  • How can I get some work experience?
  • What other useful advice would you have for potential law students?

Alex Thompson from Newtons Solicitors has been qualified and specialising in litigation for the past 8 years so was well equipped to answer the questions from the students.  

Would you or someone you know benefit from some expert advice before entering into a career in law?

If so, listen below...

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Family Show went to St Aidan's Secondary School and Associated Sixth Form with St John Fishers to meet students Dot, Oliver, Kate and Jackie, along with Newtons Solicitors Alex Thompson:

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