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Forest School pupil "cleans up" after special gift from local business

Forest School pupil "cleans up" after special gift from local business

Published at 4:58pm 5th November 2018.

A student at a Harrogate special educational needs school has cleaned up, after being given a very special gift by a local business.

9-year-old Connor Watson, a pupil at The Forest School, loves to hoover. In fact he loves it so much he works extra hard so he can earn time on a Friday afternoon to keep his school tidy by hoovering an office. It didn't take long for Connor to set his sights on a brand new Henry Hoover, to make his job a bit easier.

Headteacher Michelle Farr said:

"Connor joined the school in September and established himself very quickly as a hard working young man. He has been really ambitious about getting a Henry Hoover for his school as he wanted to help look after his environment. He has been supported by his classroom staff with his literacy skills so that he could write personally to various places.

"He was very resilient and never gave up hope and came to check with me every day to see if we had heard anything. Our pupils overcome significant difficulties in their lives and the Henry is a motivator for the children to complete their learning so that they can take a turn with it."

After Stray FM heard about Connor and his quest for a new hoover, we asked any local businesses if they could help out and make his dream come true.

Step in Sean Clarke from Doors Direct, who didn't think twice about donating a Henry Hoover. He went to the school last week to deliver the special gift.

Sean said:

"We are a family run business and enjoy getting involved locally with charities and fundraisers and to me, when Stray FM told me about Connor, how could we not help?

"Things that we take for granted in another pair of hands means so much and to see the look on his face was priceless! I have never had so many hugs and high fives, it honestly made my week!"

Michelle Farr added:

"We are incredibly grateful to Sean and to Stray FM for taking the time to get to know us a little. It was more than just the donation of the Henry - it was the absolute spirit with which this was given that has been so warming. That they took the time to come in to our school to meet our amazing children and I genuinely believe that this is the start of an wonderful friendship. Staff work tirelessly to help the children to become active and social citizens and acts of kindness such as these reinforce the children's capacity to build positive, successful citizens who can make a difference.

"On behalf of Connor and James and Emily and Molly and all our wonderful children a really huge thank you to Stray FM and to Doors Direct.

"We are delighted that Stray FM and Sean Clarke from Doors Direct are now friends of the school and we are really excited about them coming in to school to celebrate our Christmas Fair."

Happy hoovering Forest School!