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North Yorkshire school improves education by taking it outdoors

North Yorkshire school improves education by taking it outdoors

Published at 11:18am 23rd November 2018. (Updated at 11:23am 23rd November 2018)

Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate Promoted by
Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate

The new outdoor learning area at Chapter House, part of Queen Ethelburgas Collegiate, is improving education for children. 

For children aged 3 to 11 at Chapter House, the recent addition of a bespoke outdoor playing and learning area has been making class time more exciting than ever!

What is in the new outdoor learning area?

The enclosed all-weather playing and learning area at Chapter House in Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate is safe, secure and easily adapted to suit a wide variety of activities.

  • Football goals for sport
  • A library and quiet reading area
  • A stage for performance and drama
  • A dipping pond for nature exploration (gated for safety)
  • An amphitheater for history, drama and English
  • Statues and plant life for drawing and art
  • And much more!

Chapter house learning area at Queen Ethelburgas collegiate

Chapter house learning area at Queen Ethelburgas collegiate

The Outdoor Learning Day at Queen Ethelburgas

A day focused on learning outdoors recently saw a whole range of students and teachers take their lessons into the fresh air. 

The early years were creating bird feeders and spotting wildlife, the year 2 class were reading stories, the year 4 class were doing maths challenges, and the year 5 class were re-enacting some scenes in drama

"The children often say they go outside just to play or have fun. So taking a lesson outside and making that learning the fun part just makes it more engaging, and as soon as you take things out of the classroom there are certain children that will switch on that would otherwise not be engaged. It's multi-sensory, it's fresh air, it's just a different environment that sparks different ideas."

Mrs Young, Deputy Head of Chapter House at Queen Ethelburgas

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Family Show heard all about the outdoor learning day Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate  and spoke to a range of students and teachers at Chapter House:

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