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Ex-students welcomed back for school reunion weekend

Ex-students welcomed back for school reunion weekend

Published at 2:46pm 30th April 2019. (Updated at 5:30pm 30th April 2019)

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Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate

Past and current students of Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate celebrate the annual Old Ethelburgian's Weekend. 

Have you ever been to a school reunion?

Well, this is how Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate does it...

Rugby match at Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate April 2019
Nervous about returning to school after leaving years ago? Time to tackle it!

Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate welcomes ex-students

Current students took on students from the past at the annual "Old Ethelburgian's Weekend" in rugby, hockey and football matches. 

Keen to always remain a key part of students lives, the school explains how important it is that everyone feels welcome to return and get involved. 

The weekend combines sport with social activities and the chance to see the latest changes to the school. 

Hockey match at Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate April 2019
Spot of hockey for old time's sake?

Stray FM heard from a range of ex-students and staff about the event. 

"This year was the closest contested match we've ever had, and in good old English style the football match went to penalties after the teams drew together, and unfortauntely the Old Ethelburgian's had a defeat and Queen Ethelburga's won on penalties."

Gemma Inchboard - ex-student and event co-ordinator

"The school really gives back to you when you give to it so I'm very grateful to be around this environment again, around these good people and enjoying the atmosphere. The sun is shining today and everything!"

Benny Joseph-Agboli- ex-student, studying Politics and International Relations at University of Chester.

"I love coming back at every opportunity... I have lots of fantastic opportunities now, and lots of support now, but there is still something very helpful and very wonderful about coming back to QE."

Ben Steward - ex-student and Head Boy, studying History (under-grad and masters) at Oxford University.

"It's always nice to see the students come back and hear stories of what they've gone on to do... the overidding thing is that sense of community"

Rob Rawlinson, Head of Sports at Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate

Football match at Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate April 2019
The football match went to penalties in the end and was won by the current students

Congratulations to the school who also recently celebrated being awarded 'Excellent' across all areas in their ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate).

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Family Show heard from staff, students and ex-students at Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate to find out more about the Old Ethelburgians Weekend:

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