Who's Fitter - Nick Hancock or Will Smith?

Who's Fitter - Nick Hancock or Will Smith?

Published at 10:19am 17th January 2017. (Updated at 10:29am 24th January 2017)

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Getting lean in 2017? Nick and Will certainly are. And after a work out at Brimhams in Ripon, it's well and truly turned into a competition. But who's got more muscles? Who's got the Usain Bolt legs? Who's got the Schwarzeneggar arms?

To make the whole thing easier, Brimhams Fitness Centre recently kitted their gym in Ripon out with brand new Technogym equipment which allows Nick and Will to track their fitness, diet and even their sleep! Alongside classes and staff that really know their stuff... it's time to begin. Gentlemen, are you ready?

A week later we catch up with Nick as he continues his Brimhams fitness challenge at the Hydro in Harrogate.