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Terminally ill woman's wish granted by local community

Terminally ill woman's wish granted by local community

Published at 7:01am 24th January 2017. (Updated at 10:20am 26th January 2017)

A Harrogate community hasrallied round to send a terminally ill woman on holiday.

Debbie Brooks lives in Starbeck and has cancer.

She had arranged to go away with her son one last time, but when it came to sorting out travel insurance, Debbie couldn't afford the cheapest quote, which was over £2,000. 

Debbie said: "I never really expected it to be so high. I never thought about the insurance at all to be honest, I didn't think it would be a problem."

But thanks to a local fundraising drive, led by friend Yvonne Halliday, enough money has been raised to cover the cost.

Yvonne said: "I want her to go away and create some precious memories, so when she's not here with us, her son has that to remember her. She paid for the holiday, she deserves it. It's about time she got something nice."

Yvonne says she's been amazed at how the community has worked together to raise they money.

She added: "All these people that have pulled together, everyone's just rallied around. The community spirit in Starbeck is just amazing." 

£650 has been raised at an open house event organised by Carole Anne Ogilvie and her daughter, Jasmine.

It included food, an auction and raffle prizes donated by local businesses and the community.

You can hear an interview with Debbie and Yvonne below.