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Yorkshire cancer survivor's celebratory swim

Yorkshire cancer survivor's celebratory swim

Published at 11:05am 19th August 2017. (Updated at 12:03pm 19th August 2017)

Exactly 3 years ago today, Elena Foster, noticed a lump on her breast which led to her diagnosis of breast cancer just a few days later.

She has just finished swimming the length of the channel and back.

That's a total of 2564 lengths in just one month.

All funds raised are going to The Willow Foundation, who supported the family of 4 throughout Elena's battle with cancer.

The charity helps families by contributing towards trips and days out for them to enjoy together - they aim to help young adults who have been affected by serious illness.

For some, their 'Special Day' is the opportunity to return some normality to their lives whilst undergoing extremely difficult circumstances.

The Mum of two says the charity really helped her two kids, especially with their trip to Centre Parcs:

"They refer to it as when Mummy got better, and that really got to me at the time because that weekend was the end of everything for them and the start of everything else to come.

"We had an ending to it all which made the children remember that as opposed to how ill I had been.

"I want to donate The Willow Foundation some money so that other families and people who have been affected by illness can have that experience as well.

"Swimming was one thing I did a lot of as I was getting better from being ill because it was something that was low impact and an easier way to get fitter during recovery."


Elena's kids shaved her head for her so it was less scary for them.

Elena's daughter Mia - aged 8 - still remembers their Centre Parcs trip: "It was really different when she wasn't with us, we kept on visiting her but it still didn't feel the same.

"As soon as she finished her treatment and everything, The Willow Foundation actually let us go to Centre Parcs because they helped pay the bits we couldn't pay.

"She'd been away for so long and it felt kind of normal again."

Click here for Elena's fundraising page if you wish to donate.