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Recycling Gone Wrong

Recycling Gone Wrong

Published at 3:21pm 20th September 2017. (Updated at 3:23pm 20th September 2017)

Recycling can be a confusing business.

BusinessWaste.co.uk - the UK's waste management agency have now revealed some of the most bizarre and problematic recycling people have tried to do at home.

It's after surveying the public about their recycling gone wrong:

1. Dead family pet - Wow, harsh.


2. 10,000 flyers for a local waste collection service - Boring.


3. Blow up doll - Okay...


4. Car door - (Eh?)

car door

5. Full xmas dinner including all the plates, table cloth, glasses, crackers and xmas pudding - WHAAAAT?! WHAT A WASTE!

shock emoji

6. Lost car keys - How annoying.

car keys

7. 50 Where's wally books - Someone got annoyed because they couldn't find Wally...

Where's Wally

8. 3 Mens suits with the sleeves cut off and smashed wedding photo - Shall we guess at this being a messy divorce?


9. Large collection of glass eyes - I hope this isn't you...

Glass eyes

10. 1000 Greenpeace badges - Peace out!