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More help for families affected by dementia

More help for families affected by dementia

Published at 6:02am 29th September 2017. (Updated at 9:08am 29th September 2017)

A new support group has been set up in Harrogate for the children of people living with dementia.

Organisers of Dementia Connection say those children often miss out on practical and emotional help.

Louise Hanen, Ruth Sprowell and Carla Wise decided to address the problem after their own personal experiences of dementia.

Louise told Stray FM: "When my own father was very ill, my sisters and I could've really done with support for us, about looking after our father and supporting our mother, and we were busy with our own families, so that was just an added stress and an added thing to think about.

"We felt a lot of pressure to be there, and we wanted to be there, but it was just compounded by the fact that we couldn't have that communication process.

"You can feel very guilty and it can feel that you've got a lot of responsibility when you've got young families, with a lot going on, and then you have this responsibility of your much-loved parents that do need you at that time.

"In this new group, we're in an environment where people feel comfortable, where we can share their anxieties and their concerns, and support them through that journey as they're supporting their parents with dementia."

The group will meet on the first Tuesday of every month, starting on 3 October, at The Pine Marten on Otley Road.

More information about Dementia Connection on Facebook.