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Should primary school children do this homework?

Should primary school children do this homework?

Published at 1:41pm 11th October 2017. (Updated at 1:46pm 13th October 2017)

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There has been lots of debate in the press around homework for children in primary school. Do they get too much? Should they get any at all? 

Against Primary Homework

  • Young children are tired after a day at school
  • Learning life skills are more useful than academic skills
  • Creativity, socialising, and teamwork aren't focused on enough with homework
  • Too much pressure shouldn't be put on young children
  • Weekends are for family time, not school work
  • Parents might end up doing the work anyway

For Primary Homework

  • Helps backup the learning that has been done in school
  • Encourages self-learning
  • Prepares them for the style of secondary school
  • Involves parents in topics and currently being focused on

After talks with parents, staff and students alike, Highfield Prep School at Harrogate Ladies College has developed a grid system which now allows families to adapt homework schedules to incorporate more creativity and self-learning through an exciting selection of tasks linked to the current school topic. A grid and point system means busy weekends involve less homework, and quieter weekends can involve some very impressive projects. For example, the current prep 6 class who are studying World War Two this includes embroidering poppies, building bomb shelters and French geography presentations.

Meanwhile other students are hosting fully produced, cooked and organised Come Dine With Me evenings with their families and heading outdoors for a spot of blackberry picking! Sounds like a brilliant homework task if you ask us. 

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Family Show went to meet Highfield Prep School headteacher James Saville and three 10 year old students.