Making Your Valentine's Day Flowers Look The Best

Making Your Valentine's Day Flowers Look The Best

Published at 4:43pm 7th February 2018. (Updated at 4:51pm 7th February 2018)

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching and should you be lucky enough to receive flowers, Rossett Adult Learning offer a floristry course to supply you with the necessary skills to keep your bouquet lasting for longer and looking the best!

To give the course it's official title, "contemporary floristry" is just one of many on offer at Rossett Adult Learning and is a five week long programme that explores all the practical skills, techniques and methods that are used everyday within the floral industry.

The course begins with a demonstration and then progresses onto such areas as wire work within the construction of a buttonhole perhaps, but also arrangements; whether that be for a simple display at home or on a more professional stage.

Everyone brings their own flowers and so the results at the end of the course are incredibly varied and interesting.

Conditioning Flowers


As with many things, preparation is key to making your floral display last as long as possible and the snipping of flowers is known as "conditioning."

Leaves are taken from below the halfway point on the stem and the base of the stem cut at an angle.  This is to make sure the flower doesn't sit flat and takes on no water which would obviously result in a very poor display. It's also useful to de-thorn roses making the whole process less painful on your fingertips!

Wedding Bouquet

Learning Opportunities

If you're interested in doing a floristry course, perhaps just to merely have better floral skills for home displays, or maybe you have a wedding planned this year and would like to save money by doing your own flowers?

Whatever the reason, you can now enrol for Rossett Adult Learning's new floristry course on their website which begins on 28th February.

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