We're divorced, but I can still take your money... Happy Valentines!

We're divorced, but I can still take your money... Happy Valentines!

Published at 1:55pm 14th February 2018.

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Valentines Day may traditionally be the day to talk romance, but today we're talking reality. If you're divorced and don't have a financial settlement agreement you could be in for a big surprise.

If you ex-spouse has never remarried and a financial settlement agreement was never put in place, there is actually no time limit on how long after a divorce an ex-husband or ex-wife can put in a claim for the right to financial assets. 

Family Lawyer Ehsan Kabir from No 1 Solicitors in Harrogate has been warning local residents that not getting professional advice on the matter could result in some risky money worries. 

In one case, despite it being 20 years after divorce was finalised, an ex-wife successfully claimed millions of pounds from her ex-husband despite him making the money after the split. 

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Every single divorce is different, as are the financial factors that need to be taken into consideration such as earning, bonuses, childcare and assets, so the most important advice is to talk to an expert.

Ehsan Kabir or someone on the No 1 Solicitors team in Harrogate can help. Arrange a free consultation here.

Ehsan Kabir from No 1 Solicitors chatted to Beth Parsons on Stray FM's Family Show about financial settlement agreements:

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