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Girls shine at stem subjects

Girls shine at stem subjects

Published at 3:12pm 14th February 2018.

Harrogate Ladies College Promoted by
Harrogate Ladies College

100 years since women in the UK got the vote, one Harrogate school is also marking a 125 year anniversary of putting girls education at the forefront. 

Understanding the importance of women in education is a critical part of school life at Harrogate Ladies College, but this year more than ever, as the nation notes the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote, was a time for pupils and teachers alike to promote the vital role played by girls in stem subjects. 

With 95% of Harrogate Ladies College students going on to University, and with increasing success in stem subjects of Maths and Science. Last year for example 100% of students who took Biology got A* and with 40% of all students choose to take Maths A-Level. 

Did you know it was a women who invented the computer? TRUE: Grace Hopper in 1944.

Girls and Principal from Harrogate Ladies College

As Sylvia Brett the Principal of Harrogate Ladies College explains "There is nothing that stops these girls from doing what they want to do. They do them [A-Levels] because they're passionate about them, and not because they feel they have to do them."

Ben Franklin from Stray FM's Family Show went to meet Sylvia Brett, the Principal of Harrogate Ladies College.

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