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Felix's life-changing trip to Canada

Felix's life-changing trip to Canada

Published at 1:01am 21st February 2018.

A Harrogate family continue their bid to take their son abroad for life-changing treatment.

Felix is 6-years-old.

He has an undiagnosed neurological condition which affects his ability to walk and sit unaided.

Felix Williams from Harrogate

Felix's family are continuing to raise money so that they can take him for specialist physio in Canada.

The family successfully raised enough money to take Felix for his first 4 week programme last summer.

Sarah Williams, Felix's mum, is going abroad again with Felix in 3 weeks time:

"It was absolutely fantastic for our family. I went over there and it wasn't just about physiotherapy - it was about looking at the whole family.

"We completely readdressed all of our diets and as a result of that, Felix has been able to come off all his medication, since last August.

"He was on six different medications which he used to rely heavily on, we've just seen such fantastic results."

Sarah says the programme was life-changing.

Felix can even sit up for short periods of time now - his mum says he feels proud of himself.

Sarah explains what the programme was like:

The family are still fundraising so they can help support Felix and continue attending sessions in the UK and abroad. 

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