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A shocking % of pets have dental problems

A shocking % of pets have dental problems

Published at 5:30pm 21st February 2018.

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The Vet Hospital

Dental health in pets in the UK is particularly poor. 80% of cats and dogs over the age of three require dental treatment. 

All sorts of health issues are commonly seen inside the mouths of cats and dogs, but far too many pet owners aren't taking oral hygiene seriously enough. 


Bob Partridge at The Vet Hospital is one of only a few recognised specialists in the UK and Europe, and has a very simple rule for pet owners to remember...


"Lifting the lip up and actually having a look at the side of the mouth, look at the gums, looking for redness, looking for soreness, looking for build up of calculus or yellow material on the teeth themselves, and looking for pain or bleeding inside the mouth... the least thing that does seem to be effected is the ability to eat! Frequently clients will say there can't be any problems with the teeth because they're eating okay, but they'll eat until their teeth are dropping out."

Dental chews

These can be marketed as solutions to oral problems too, but it's always worth checking what you're giving to your pet is safe as some can be too hard which can damage teeth, or too soft which is doing nothing useful at all. 

Pet Tooth Brushing

This is undoubtedly the best too you have prevent dental problems for your pet. Take your time with your pet if they've never had it done before. But if you do it from puppy age they should be very used to it and will accept a regular daily brush. Ask your vet for advice on this if you're unsure. 

Tiny brown rabbit

When it comes to rabbits, it's estimated that almost 100% of them will have dental problems and its largely blamed on poor diet choice. It's important to make sure they eat plenty of grass and hay as they would in the wild rather than all pre-mixed rabbit food. 

Pete Egerton from Stray FM's Family Show went to The Vet Hospital to talk to Bob Partridge:

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