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Advice for teenagers who don't know which door to take

Advice for teenagers who don't know which door to take

Published at 5:32pm 2nd May 2018.

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Teenagers aged 15-19 are faced with lots of decisions. To help , we've found Jenny from The Student Advisor who offers personalised 1-2-1 support with exams, revision, university applications, job interviews, apprenticeships and much more. 

So who's doing what?

Typically in England a third of 18 year olds will go to university. 

Around 500,000 new apprenticeships start every year in England. 

And a huge majority of teenagers will be stressed during exam time. 

The list of possibilities is endless which, although exciting, can cause decision making to be a pretty daunting task. 

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How can The Student Advisor help?

Career advice and future planning is available in secondary schools, but if a teenager has worries or doubts about the best choices for them getting one-to-one support is unlikely to be as effective when the careers department is stretched amongst several hundred pupils. 

Getting personalised advice on what's available, disadvantages and advantages, and how to either achieve your goals or set them can be critical for young people. 

The Student Advisor run by ex-teacher Jenny Birch is available for students aged around 15 to 19 years old and could make a huge difference for you or your teenager in the North and West Yorkshire area. 

As Jenny says "I see it as a moving on service, a moving on form of tuition. It's not subject specific. What it focuses on is the thing that I know teachers would love to do but don't have time. So working on a one-to-one basis to identify future goals, to fulfill your ambitions. It's designed to guide you, to scaffold you through that very crucial period."

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What services can The Student Advisor offer?

Expert advice from an experienced ex-teacher can go a long way to getting the next step sorted. 

But what exactly can you expect from the services offered by The Student Advisor?

  • One to one advice for those who are completely clueless as to what to do - school exams, university, college, apprenticeship, employment... absolutely no idea?
  • Writing a good personal statement as part an application to college, university or other. 
  • Interview techniques and CV writing for heading into employment.
  • Oxbridge University (Cambridge or Oxford) applications
  • Choosing which degree or subject areas would suit you. 
  • Revision skills to prepare for exams (GCSE, A-Level or other).
  • Preparation for self study at university.
  • Apprenticeship schemes.
  • Coursework help. 

Beth Parsons talked to Jenny Birch from The Student Advisor on Stray FM's Family Show. Hear what they said below. 

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