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Unexpected things you can put in a prenuptial agreement

Unexpected things you can put in a prenuptial agreement

Published at 10:24am 2nd May 2018.

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A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two people due to get married, setting out terms for future of the relationship.

Usually, prenuptial agreements are about financial, personal and business assets, but in some cases, they cover more personal eventualities of married life. Here are some of the things you might not have known you could agree to before you tie the knot.


You'd hope this would be covered in the vows, but if you want to make double sure your partner isn't unfaithful, you can include this in your prenup. It might include stipulations on how assets are handled in the event of a breakup caused by infidelity. 

Social media use

How much time you spend on Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms, the frequency with which you post - all of this can be covered by a pre-nup if you're worried your partner's smartphone might start to cause tension.

Weight gain

 If you thought getting married meant the pressure to stay in shape was off, think again. Prenuptial agreements in the past have included clauses against excessive weight gain, in case you thought you could let yourself go once it was all locked down!


Have you promised your partner you'll kick the habit? Make sure you keep this up for the rest of your married life by stipulating a non-smoking agreement in the prenup.

Seeing the in-laws

Prevent the argument before it even happens. The amount of time you spend with your partners parents can be set out in a prenuptial agreement, so before you tiff about where to spend Christmas, it might already be decided. 

Watching sports

Is your partner-to-be a sports fanatic? Do you love them, but love their Saturday afternoons glued to the game a little less? Put a clause in the prenuptial agreement that makes sure it doesn't come between you later.


Intimacy keeps a marriage exciting. You can stipulate before the big day that you and your partner will keep things alive physically a certain number of times in a specified period. It might not be an issue in the honeymoon period, but fast forward a decade and you might be happy it was included!

A prenuptial agreement may not always be enforceable. No.1 Solictors, Family Lawyers in Harrogate, have experience in drawing up the contracts in such a way that they are more likely to be enforced in a court.

Stray FM's Beth Parsons spoke with Ehsan Kabir, a Solicitor and Managing Partner of 1solicitors, about prenuptial agreements:


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