Save energy and keep cool this summer

Save energy and keep cool this summer

Published at 11:59am 18th July 2018.

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Energy efficiency and renewable energy. What are they? What do they mean? And what do they have to do with the weather?

In this heat, you're probably making the most of air conditioning where you can find it and plugging in fans around the house. But have you thought about the energy impact?

Before you consider switching to renewable energy (at home or at work), you should look to cut down your overall energy use.


CNG, who supply businesses with energy, helped us with the maths. Individually, switching off a device that uses 1 watt of power at rest saves 8.76 kW hours a year. While that is only about £1 of energy, scaled nationally that's £25million - and a lot of carbon saved!

So if you're trying to keep the house cool, but you also don't want to plug in electrical fans, what can you do?

Try opening the low windows on the side of your house that faces the wind, and the high windows on the side that faces out. This will encourage cool air flow and displace the hot air that has risen.

To improve the cooling effect, think about which doors you can shut. Air needs to flow through the house, but it's more effective if you shut the doors to rooms that don't need filling with cool air. 

It might seem odd for an energy company to encourage you to use less money, but CNG are committed to helping business with sustainable practises.

To get to the bottom of the renewable energy buzz, Stray FM's Ben Franklin went to speak to Ellis at CNG:

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