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Would a nanny be right for your baby?

Would a nanny be right for your baby?

Published at 5:22pm 18th July 2018. (Updated at 5:33pm 18th July 2018)

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The Yorkshire Nanny Company

The Yorkshire nanny company is a recruitment agency for nannies, providing a finding and matching service for families and child carers. Stray FM's newest parent, Pete Egerton, has been chatting to Lyndsey Brown about the popularity of nannies for babies.

Many parents, after having a baby, are in a situation where they have no choice but to go back to work just a few months into their newborn's life and the thought of leaving such a fragile bundle of joy at a nursery is one of panic for some. Cue Lyndsey Brown, owner of the Yorkshire nanny company, to sit down and discuss with parents their requirements for childcare and a nanny to become part of their home life.

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Fear Not

The thought of somebody else looking after their baby during the day, or perhaps just during the night, many mums have an initial thought of "I've failed my baby" but as Lyndsey explains, "if a mum needs rest and she has to go to work, having that help to hand, especially at night, can be the best thing ever!"

Five pros of having a nanny

  • Reassurance - Charlotte is a Harrogate-based mum of 5-year-old Harry and when her and her partner had to go back to work just 3 months in, by using the Yorkshire Nanny Company to recruit a nanny for their baby, they felt happy in the knowledge that Harry was secure and happy in familiar surroundings of home.

  • 1 to 1 - With a nanny looking after your baby, he or she gets that 1 to 1 care and attention that at a young age, all children crave and keeps them happy. 

  • Happy baby in her cot
  • Playtime - With a nanny at home, your baby will get to go out as they would with you, perhaps to the park or sensory play.

  • Tips - For Charlotte, Harry is their first baby and so with an expert on hand, their nanny is able to give them valuable tips on such subjects as routine and what developmental needs their baby has.
  • Flexibility -  Depending on your working hours, the Yorkshire Nanny Company will recruit a nanny who can fit around your working day, even if meetings run late from time to time.  Plus, whilst at work, your nanny will keep you posted with messages and pictures too.

Listen to Stray FM's Pete Egerton chatting to Lyndsey from the Yorkshire Nanny Company and Harrogate mum Charlotte below.

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