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A giant dragon has landed in Harrogate

A giant dragon has landed in Harrogate

Published at 3:38pm 30th July 2018. (Updated at 9:51am 17th August 2018)

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Harrogate Convention Centre

A giant dragon has made a home for itself in the window of Harrogate Convention Centre. 

Initial reports say the dragon is 5 metres in length, with glowing eyes and a massive wingspan. No other mythical creatures have been seen - but it's only a matter of time. 

Have you got your magical creatures access pass yet?

The dragon at full height being constructed

On August 31st until September 2nd, all manner of beasts  will arrive at Harrogate Convention Centre for the Great Brick Adventure.

There is a whole floor of mythical creatures including Medusa, Cerberus the three headed dog, and a nine headed hydra. There's also a Safari section, where you can see lifesize elephants, big cats and more, all built from Lego bricks. 

Lego Zebra

The enormous models have all been built by Brightbricks using hundreds and thousands of bricks. The dragon alone used 430,000 bricks, and took 6 people a total of 1200 hours to complete. Luckily, all the models for the Great Brick Adventure have already been  completed, with the largest ones being moved in in parts.

The tail of the Lego dragon, still in protective packaging.

As well as the enourmous Lego models, there are interactive sections including Lego pools for budding builders, Warriorbots, and plenty of stalls for buying Lego miniatures, sets, and even customised Lego jewelry.

Ben Franklin, Stray FM's resident dragon hunter, went to talk to Richard Catton, the PR Manager at Harrogate Convention Centre, about the event:

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