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15 ways to save water

15 ways to save water

Published at 5:14pm 31st July 2018. (Updated at 4:05pm 1st August 2018)

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Yorkshire Water

After a long hot spell of sunny weather, water reserves in Yorkshire are at risk of running much lower than they would usually. Water saving tips from Yorkshire Water will go a long way to helping us. 

During hot weather, the amount of water people in Yorkshire have been using has increased by around 125 million litres every day which is about the amount needed to supply the whole city of Leeds!

Whilst the team of Yorkshire Water are reassuring the public that reserves are strong and there is little risk of a hose pipe ban as there have been in other areas in the UK, every drop that the public can save will make a big difference. 

So how can we save water in Yorkshire this Summer?

Save water in the garden

  1. Installing a water butt could save you 2,400 litres a year (based on emptying a standard 200 litre rain butt once a month).
  2. Using a watering can instead of a hose could save £15 a year.
  3. Using a trigger nozzle on your garden hose could save 225 litres a week.
  4. Cleaning your drive with a broom instead of a hose could save 18 litres per minute.
  5. Adding a layer of leaves, bark or compost to your flowers beds will retain moisture and reduce the need for watering.
Mans hand holding hose pipe with water coming out

Save water in the kitchen

  1. Use a washing up bowl. It could save save £30 a year (based on filling four 8 litre washing up bowls instead of running the tap at 6 l/min for 10 minutes).
  2. Putting a full load in the washing machine can save you up to £15 a year (based on using one washing cycle less per week and always washing a full load).
  3. Only boiling the amount of water you need could save £7 a year.
  4. Buying a water efficient washing machine could save up to 8 litres of water per kg. Less efficient washing machines use up to 14l/kg whereas the most efficient ones use just 6l/kg .
Womens hands in kitchen sink under running water

Save water in the bathroom

  1. Fitting a Flushsaver in your toilet could save 1.2 litres with every flush.
  2. Fixing that dripping tap could save £18 a year. A dripping tap wastes around 5,500 litres of water a year.
  3. Spending 1 minute less in the shower could save £100 a year (based on a family of four using a power shower daily with a flow rate of 16 l/min).
  4. Using a water efficient showerhead could save £160 a year (based on replacing a 13 l/min showerhead with a 7.7 l/min and taking 5 or 6 showers a week).
  5. Fitting a dual flush toilet mechanism could save £150 a year (based on replacing the mechanism on an old toilet, saving 50,000 litres of water a year for a family of four).
Water droplets falling from a shower head

Free stuff to help you save water!

  1. Order your free water saving pack from Yorkshire Water.

These include an 8l shower regulator, a 1.2l Save a Flush cistern bag, a 5l regulated tap insert twin pack, and a 4 minute shower timer. 


Beth Parsons holding Yorkshire Water water saving bags at Great Yorkshire Show 2018

Beth Parsons talked to Emily Brady from Yorkshire Water on the Stray FM Family Show:

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