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Can you change your own flat tyre?

Can you change your own flat tyre?

Published at 5:06pm 8th August 2018.

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It's an important life skill that fewer and fewer people can manage. If you suddenly got caught flat, could you change your own tyre?

1. Pull over somewhere safe

The most important thing before you try to replace the tyre is that you're somewhere you aren't at risk from other road users. If you're sure you can change the tyre without putting yourself in danger, carry on. 

2. Find the spare tyre in the boot

Depending on your car, the spare tyre might be in one of a few places. If you know you have one, but you can't find it, chances are it's under the mat in your boots.

3.  Make sure the hand break is on, and the car is in gear (or 'park' in an automatic car)

The last thing you want is for the car to start rolling away!

4.  Find the wheel brace

You'll recognise this tool when you see it, it'll probably be with your spare tyre and is used to remove the nuts. 

5. Find the locking wheel nut

As a security measure, one nut on each tyre needs a special adapter to loosen. You should know where this is in your car, keep it safe!

6. Loosen all the bolts by turning them anticlockwise 

Don't remove them at this point, just loosen them all to make them easier to remove once the car is lifted. 

7. Lift the car

This step varies from car to car. You should have a jack with your spare tyre. Refer to your car's instruction manual for instructions on where to place your jack. The chances are, you're looking for a specific notch where it fits. Getting this wrong could lead to injury or damage to your car so make sure you get it right!

Use the jack to lift the tyre completely off the ground. 

8. Finish undoing all the nuts and remove the tyre

Once the tyre is lifted, finish undoing all the nuts and keep them close by. Then remove the punctured tyre. You're halfway there!

9. Slide the spare tyre on

The nuts should all line up, and it doesn't matter which nut matches each hole on the tyre. Just make sure the tyre is the right way around, with the valve on the outside. 

10. Put the nuts back on, then slightly tighten each of them

Like step 6 but in reverse - this time you want to put all the nuts back on, but don't tighten them fully yet.

11. Bring the car back down and fully tighten all the nuts. 

Use the jack to gently bring the car back to the ground. Once the jack is removed, fully tighten all the nuts. 

12. Go to your local garage and get the puncture repaired.

Beth Parsons went to Kineholme of Otley, where she got a masterclass in tyre replacing from your local Renault and electric car specialists. 

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