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Could this local nanny company be your child care solution?

Could this local nanny company be your child care solution?

Published at 12:06pm 15th August 2018.

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Yorkshire Nanny Company

Mixing education, play time and child care, one local nanny match making service is helping families and children in Yorkshire.

Have you ever considered hiring a nanny?

The Yorkshire Nanny Company is a match-making service linking families in need of childcare with professional nannies in the local area. 

With compulsory training in first aid and with DBS checks, many nannies also have qualifications in areas such as education or special needs, meaning parents can rest assured their children are in safe hands. 

And particularly for multiple siblings, it can be more cost effective than other childcare. 

Whether you have one child or several, from newborn babies to teenagers, the Yorkshire Nanny Company has helped plenty of parents solve their childcare issues. 

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What are local parents saying about the Yorkshire Nanny Company?

“From the moment I called Lyndsey she filled me with so much confidence that she would find a nanny to fit my awkward requirement! Lyndsey completed the task and more and our nanny is a perfect fit for our family. All the extra support given with checks and contract help has been such a huge help to me. I would not hesitate in recommending the Yorkshire Nanny Company Ellie, Thirsk (Apr 2018)

"I needed a nanny one day a week for my little boy urgently following emergency surgery, as I was completely unable to look after him. After I put a desperate post on York MUMbler, Lyndsey contacted me to say she could help with finding me a nanny. This was a huge relief as I had never needed one before so I had no idea what criteria I should look for, how much I should expect to pay etc. The nanny that Lyndsey found us was Clare, and she was an absolute god send. She clicked with my little boy and myself straight away, did much more than just look after him when she was here, she took over all the housework, made food and drinks for me, and pretty much looked after us both! The whole process was so simple and easy, and Lyndsey was in touch regularly to make sure that everything was alright. I will definitely use The Yorkshire Nanny Company again if I ever find myself needing childcare help in the future.Natalie, York (March 2017)

"We are delighted!  Despite only wanting a nanny for a handful of hours each week, Lyndsey has found the perfect person for us.  She was so helpful along the way and we couldn't be more pleased with how it's all worked out.  Thank you Lyndsey.Rachel, Harrogate (June 2018).

Nick Hancock and Beth Parsons talked to Lyndsey Brown from the Yorkshire Nanny Company about the qualifications within the team of nannies. 

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