Local chiropractor helps little girl walk for first time

Local chiropractor helps little girl walk for first time

Published at 4:36pm 21st August 2018. (Updated at 8:39am 6th March 2019)

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When 10 year old Lauren first tried chiropractic care in Ilkley, she could barely balance or walk on her own, but is now able to move independently. 

  • Lauren lives with cystic fibrosis and physical and learning disabilities
  • A local chiropractor helped her to walk for the first time.
  • And now the rest of the family also get help with back issues, migraines and bowel problems

A family of four from Keighley have had their lives changed for the better after being introduced to chiropractic care in based in Ilkley and Harrogate. 

April, Jonny, Lauren and Wiatt
April, Jonny, Lauren and Wiatt

Mum and Dad, April and Jonnie, 10 year old Lauren and 5 month old Wyatt all use family clinic, O'Connor Chiropractic, now for a whole variety of different reasons. 

Let's start first with Lauren...

How 10 year old Lauren learnt to walk

Born with both physical and learning disabilities as well as cystic fibrosis, Lauren struggled with learning to walk in her younger years. 

Lauren's Mum, April Birch explains:

"She was walking with help and with aid, but her balance wasn't what we'd hoped it would be."

Watch the before and after videos below...

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Just a little inspiration for you all... this is my Lauren. She is my hero! The dedication to practise was REAL!! And we put years worth of it in to give her all the tools. Add some physio, ot, a little bit of faith, a chiropractor(@oconnorchiropractic )and bam!! What an achievement 😃🙌 ... reposted from @aprilbirch my personal account.. It’s that time of year!! You must watch both of these videos to get the full effect. That first one had me choked up a little. 6 years apart. Oh my goodness. Talk about mountains to climb! #mylaurenesther #mybestgirl #specialneeds #disabilities #specialneedsspecialgirl #myhero #youcanachievetheimpossible #miracleshappen #faith #hope #hardwork #loveher

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The family took Lauren to see the team at O'Connor Chiropractic in Ilkley, and within 6 weeks of care the changes were obvious

Lauren's Dad, Jonnie Birch says:

"It's just amazing to have seen the transition in such a short period."

Lauren has now been attending chiropractic care for two years, and continues to attend on a regular basis which helps with her movement, balance and bowel issues associated with cystic fibrosis. 

Lauren with walking frame
Lauren with walking frame
Lauren without walking frame
Lauren without walking frame 6 years later

Lauren's Mum April regularly keeps people updated on her progress using her 'Silver Lining of the Birch' blog.

How Mum April broke her back and coped with pregnancy

A little after Lauren started chiropractic care, April unfortunately had a fall on the stairs

Despite doctors refusing to x-ray her at hospital, Jason O'Connor at O'Connor Chiropractic in Ilkley insisted on one.

It was then revealed she had actually broken a part in her back, and further highlighted a separate long term condition

"I love it! I can feel when I need my back popping so I love when I need to go."

April now attends regular chiropractic sessions which hugely helped with her back, and also during pregnancy with her second child Wiatt. 

Dad Jonnie gets help with migraines

Regularly experiencing weekly migraines, Jonnie was keen to give chiropractic care a go after hearing about the benefits. 

"I feel that they have been reduced, they've not gone completely as of yet, but from the x-rays Jason says it's going to take a little bit of time before he can get me into the right curvature."


And 5 month old Wyatt gets help with bowel issues

Similar to his older sister, Wyatt has cystic fibrosis which can have an impact on his bowel movements

He was first adjusted at just one week old which was helpful to relieve any tensions caused by a traumatic birth, but now regularly attends chiropractic adjustments for manage ongoing health issues. 

"Without a doubt and without fail, every single time I need him unblocking [bowel issues] Jason [from O'Connor Chiropractic] works his magic around his pelvis and he comes home and fills his nappy!"

Mum, April

Who are O'Connor Chiropractic?

With two clinics, one on Station Parade in Harrogate and another on Hawksworth Street in Ilkley, the team at O'Connor Chiropractic help local people with a huge range of health and maintenance issues. 

Get in touch with the team to find out how they could help you:

Harrogate: 01423 200 020
Ilkley: 01943 600 948

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