Skipton mum's work with school kids to feature on TV

Skipton mum's work with school kids to feature on TV

Published at 7:55am 22nd August 2018.

A Skipton mum is going into schools to educate pupils about different cultures through food.

British Muslim Yesmien Bagh Ali is Yorkshire born and bred and of Pakistani heritage.

After experiencing what she describes as 'negativity' in the county, the mum of four gave up her job in a local school ant set up her own company.

Yazi now goes into schools and works with kids on issues including diversity, often using food to break down barriers.

Some of her work will feature on TV tonight. She said:

"There are good and bad in every community.

"It's celebrating our culture and giving [children] the opportunity to meet somebody with a different coloured skin.

"A lot of the schools I visit children have not had that experience and they only see what's on the television."

Her work with kids in Cononley cooking dishes and learning Bollywood dance - will feature on the BBC2 series 'the recipes that made me', which airs at 8.00pm tonight.

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Yesmien Bagh Ali with Restaurateur Nisha Katona
Yazi with 'the Recipes that made me' host Nisha Katona
Skipton mum Yesmien Bagh Ali with pupils in Cononley
Filming in Cononley for 'The Recipes that Made Me'

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