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Is the new exam grading system better or worse?

Is the new exam grading system better or worse?

Published at 5:33pm 22nd August 2018.

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Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate

This year has seen some GCSE papers being graded numerically and we've been to Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate to find out more.

A-level results were released last week (16th August 2018) and now it's the turn of GCSE results (23rd August 2018) but for some, it won't be a case of A's and B's, rather more 9's,8's and so on, all the way down to 1 being the lowest mark.


In comparison to the old grading system, there's now an extra grade within the numerical scheme which has proven a lot for both students and teaching staff to get their heads around, not to mention universities and employers too.

An old "A" would now equate to a 7 and "A*" students would be marked somewhere around an 8.  The 9 grade would be the equivalent of an "A**" or "Super A*."

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Bridging the gap

For the students who we chatted to at Queen Ethelburga's, the new grading system hasn't caused too many issues. Take year 12 pupil Catherine for example, she told us that the only real difficulty with the introduction of the new grades lay with the teachers not "knowing what would be in the exam or the layout."

In some cases, the new system has led to a smoother transition from GCSE into A-level as year 13 pupils have been explaining to Stray FM's Pete Egerton.

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