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Top 5 legal tips if you're moving house

Top 5 legal tips if you're moving house

Published at 3:27pm 28th August 2018. (Updated at 4:59pm 29th August 2018)

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If you're moving home getting the right legal advice is very important, hence why we asked local lawyers, Newtons Solicitors, for their top five tips. 

Famously one of the most stressful things you'll ever do... the following list thanks to the residential property experts at Newtons Solicitors could save you a lot of time, money and worry!

Be prepared if you want to avoid delay!

When selling a property, be sure to get all your paperwork in order at the outset. This includes certificates for any works done to the property such as new windows, extensions and any guarantees. When buying a property, try and book your survey as early as possible and make sure that your surveyor is on the panel of your mortgage lender.

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Be clear on what you're actually buying

Visit the property you are buying again before committing to an exchange of contracts. Check the physical boundaries correspond with the legal boundaries shown on the title deeds. After exchange both sides are legally committed and it will be very expensive if things aren’t right or if you break the contract.

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Patience IS a virtue

You’re buying your dream home and of course you want to move in tomorrow, but the process takes time. Searches can take 3 to 4 weeks to be turned around. If you are buying a flat or apartment then a management company may also be involved and there is more information for your solicitor to check and let you know about. Your solicitor will most likely be acting for your mortgage lender as well as you. They must therefore deal with your lender’s requirements as well. Don’t get fixated with completion dates too early on in the transaction. Lots can change along the way and dates aren’t fixed until contracts are exchanged. Think carefully before issuing ultimatums! These can backfire and can only be issued once. It’s all too easy to want to set deadlines but this doesn’t always work.

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Be ready to move out on time

Remember that on legal completion property ownership changes hands. You must ensure that you have all your arrangements in hand so that you can move out of the property you are selling in a timely fashion on completion day. You are likely to be part of a chain involving a number of linked transactions, so delay by anyone has a knock on effect during a busy and stressful day.

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Choose your legal team carefully and listen to their advice

This includes not only your solicitor but your estate agent and surveyor too. This is the most important financial transaction most people will ever make!

If you're looking to move house, the residential property legal team at Newtons Solicitors would be happy to hear from you to help. 

Beth Parsons talked to legal expert and solicitor Rachel Brooks from Newtons Solcitors on the Stray FM Family Show:

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