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3 tips for parents of new school starters

3 tips for parents of new school starters

Published at 9:23am 4th September 2018. (Updated at 11:56am 5th September 2018)

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How can parents make sure children starting primary have the best start without anxiety, stress or worry?

It can nerve racking to let go of your four and five year old children as they embark on their first day of primary school

The Yorkshire Nanny Company has three simple tips for parents to help the first term go as smoothly as possible for their children. 

Little blond boy with glasses and a smile

1. Don't worry about them being an academic genius before they start

Whilst some reading, writing and speaking skills are useful to learn as toddlers, don't worry about your child becoming a genius before the classroom.

Remember that they are in school to learn! 

In fact, sometimes they can even learn too much and might become bored with school quickly.

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2. Let them rest after school

It might be tempting to get them signed up to a range of after school clubs, hobbies and groups, but children will be very tired - physically, emotionally and mentally. Allow them to rest, they'll need it. 

Later on in the year it should be easier to gauge whether your son or daughter would be able to cope with extra activities. 

One boy and one girl having a hug and a kiss on a grassy hill

3. Friendships are so important - and luckily for children it's easier!

These friendships could be solid foundations for their social lives for the rest of their lives. But unlike us adults, most children find it fairly easy to buddy up - there is no such thing as social pressure, embarrassment or judgement.

As long as children seem enthusiastic and positive about their new friends, things should be going well. And it might even give YOU new friendships with their parents too!

How does the Yorkshire Nanny Company work?

We find the easiest way to describe what the Yorkshire Nanny Company does is as a match-making service between families in need of child care and professional nannies from the Yorkshire area

With every nanny comes training, experience and qualifications, and all individual needs are catered for whether you have one child or several. 

Beth Parsons talked to Lyndsey Brown from the Yorkshire Nanny Company about children starting primary school:



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