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Divorce doesn't have to be a blame game

Divorce doesn't have to be a blame game

Published at 5:58pm 19th September 2018.

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Divorce is never an easy process for the couple involved, nor is it a quick process, but changes to UK divorce laws may be on the horizon and we've been chatting to Newtons Solicitors to find out more.

Although some figures suggest the number of divorces in the UK has fallen over recent times, the fact remains that to begin divorce proceedings, a person has to provide evidence of their partner's conduct, or wait a minimum of two years before the process can begin.

Unreasonable behaviour 

There are currently two facts that can be used to start divorce proceedings immediately and they are adultery or "unreasonable behaviour" which is all down to a judge to decide whether or not the individual in question has acted unreasonably and if not satisfied, the petition will be knocked back.

Court gavel sits idle
All down to the judge


It has not yet been clarified what the changes to divorce laws could be but according to Hayley Edwards from Newtons Solicitors, there will still be a period of time for the couple to reflect as to whether they really want to go through with their request and so time wise, it may be no different. The change will come in the form of making divorce proceedings non-fault based.

You can listen to Hayley chatting to Stray FM's Pete Egerton.

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