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Ghost nights at Queen Ethelburga's

Ghost nights at Queen Ethelburga's

Published at 8:56pm 31st October 2018.

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Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate

Halloween, a time for trick-or-treating, but for the students and staff at Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate, an opportunity to learn about the history of their school and have some spooky fun too.

2018 has seen two "ghost nights" taking place at Queen Ethelburga's which allows students and staff to immerse themselves in the history of their school and go all the way back to the 7th century, the origins of the name "Queen Ethelburga." She was the lady who brought Christianity to this part of the country and alongside other historical figures, plus some ghosts of York, a wonderful "promenade pageant" takes place.

QE Students rehearse ghost nights
Practice makes perfect

The QE Family

October marks QE's birthday, their founder's day, and so by participating in such activities as the ghost nights, both performers and audience experience something that is unique to their school and it very much binds them together as one big family.  Just one of many memories that later in life, they can look back on and treasure.

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy listening to Stray FM's Beth Parsons experiencing Queen Ethelburga's "Ghost night."

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